Realising that it is time to make changes in your life whether it is in terms of your relationships, employment/career, weight/ body issues, or life in general can be a very overwhelming process, causing great apprehension. This is where I come in, you have already taken the first steps to achieving your goals by seeking help, and I help you achieve those goals by using tried and tested tools to help you stay on track.

I specialise in confidence building, I strongly believe that by truly believing in yourself and your abilities you can make a huge positive difference in the way you view life and what you can achieve in it.

I would describe my coaching style as very personal, my clients are very important and I treat them as such. My clients know that I am there for them not only during our sessions but throughout the whole process of getting them to where they need to be.

Our first sessions are usually spent getting to know each other and assessing what you feel needs changing in your life and the reasoning behind these changes, more often that not when you clearly define the reasons behind your goals the easier it is for you to stay focused on achieving that said goal.

Throughout the coaching process I will be there to help keep you on track, help to empower you to make those hard decisions as well as being a friendly person to speak to about whatever.

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