There are moments when one feels bad about herself. This could not be helped especially if there are circumstances that trigger this feeling. What makes this feeling turn from a simple mood swing to such feeling of anxiety and hopelessness however, is when you stuck yourself into feeling terrible because of your low self-esteem and cease being confident in yourself. Once you lose your trust in yourself and doubt your capacity to make proper decisions, everything else practically goes downhill.

There are reasons why people, particularly the women, do not feel confident about themselves. Women in particular feel inferior about the way they walk and talk; about their figure, their appearance, or even the way they work or take care of their children. Some women lose confidence in their appearance when they experience rejection; they tend to think something must be wrong with themselves to not be wanted. They tend to question their capability to handle relationships and begin to lose confidence in entering another one.

Some women feel incapable as a worker once they experience failure. Although this may be applicable to both men and women, the latter tend to take rejections and failures more seriously and often handle it more emotionally as compared to men. They tend to be depressed until it affects the way they work in the long run. Some mothers lose confidence when they are unable to support their children. This is often attributed to having financial and marital problems that often affect family relationship. Women lose confidence in themselves when they are being critiqued. Some would refuse to accept these criticisms as constructive and instead consider it as a way for others to attack them.

These women believe that the things they are being criticized for are permanent and could not be changed, preventing them from even attempting to try something new in an effort to improve

People often blame low self-esteem and lack of confidence for a lot of things. Some use it as an excuse for having terrible behaviour towards other people, but researches prove otherwise. At present, there are plenty of studies being conducted in an attempt to divulge into the world of confidence, anxiety and building self-esteem and its effect to the human being physically, emotionally and mentally.

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