Don’t think that just because they have glamorous lifestyles, enough money to squander on a daily basis and recording/TV contracts coming out of their ears, that today’s celebrities – authors, actresses and pop stars – aren’t in need of a life coach or two.
In fact, in many respects, often the more successful they are (particularly if it’s been a bit of a whirlwind rise to fame) then the more those celebs are in need of a coach to help them cope with what they’ve achieved and how to find a new direction. After all, what do you do once you’ve attained those goals you’ve been focusing on for so long? Chances are you’re going to be looking for new ones to take the place of the old ones.
And anyway who of us can really say we’re 100 percent happy with ourselves and our lives to the extent that there is absolutely nothing that we’d like to change about ourselves?
Not Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland, that’s for sure. At least not until she met Glaswegian life coach Ali Campbell who helped her bite down on her love of chocolate, which in turn wasn’t helping her weight any.

Too much success in too short a time

Then there’s US TV script writer and producer Jeff Davis who found himself “going from writing scripts in a coffee shop one day to producing a television show in the blink of an eye.”
He added: “[I was now] working with 100 people, finding myself swamped with questions and having to become a leader when you’ve hardly been doing it on your own. I never had so many meetings in my life.”
With twice monthly life coaching sessions Jeff came to terms with his new found fame and learned to cope with the extra demands on his time by learning how to be ruthless and sorting out the wheat from the chaff in terms of what he really needed to do to get on and feel good about himself.
Of course, being successful isn’t all roses. There are fears lurking there too. For instance, now that you’ve achieved that success you have been striving for (and for such a long time now) how do you maintain it?
Also, are people really happy for you – or are they envious and beginning to resent your fame and the ensuing wealth? If so, will they eventually abandon you? Then there’s the guilt – why should you get all the breaks when you’ve watched others that you love striving their whole life for what you’ve managed to achieve in a matter of years?
These are all questions that arise with success and it’s where life coaching can certainly help. Meanwhile…

Long term success stories

Other success stories – some of whom are the most important people in the world in their chosen field – who have turned to life coaching are politicians, Hilary and Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and President Mikhair Gorbachev.

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