Merle has been a major source of support in helping me to gain control of my life and my confidence. Thanks for being a great model and for all that you have given me Merle. Here is my story. I am a thirty six years old male. I have encountered lots of setbacks in life. I am not the typical coach-loving person. I was at a low point in my life. I have seen the conventional shrinks, and counsellors- too many to mention without resolving my issues. Intimacy in my relationship was non-existent. I hated my job. I could never handle myself in meetings at work. Each time I tried to speak, I was too nervous. My words would not flow and my messages would not be as clear as I intended. My partner showed no support. There, I was leaving an unhappy home every morning to go to a job that I hated. I knew I needed to leave but I just didn’t have the guts to do something about it. I could not see my way out. The final day came that I was planning to take my life. The lady sitting beside me dropped a card from her purse. I was going to do one good deed before I leave this place, I said to myself, and picked up the card to give to her but, she was already gone. It was one of Merle's card. Are you stuck in your life and cannot see a way out? That was the first thing I read from the card. I took it as a sign and decided to call her. After speaking with her, I just felt the heaviness lifted and lightness set in my heart. I was able to fully say good bye to my past. She took every step with me until I was able to stand on my own. I was able to get rid of my job and have the confidence to get myself out of that relationship. I am now married. My wife, Alison is pregnant with our first child, and now I am an Assistant Director in an IT company doing what I love doing. The only words I had for Merle was "Thank you. Thank you for the courage and strength to get my life in order."
I would not be able to tell my story if Merle was not there to coach me out of despair and heart ache to an empowering and enlightened life. You see I was always a shy child growing up. No one, included me had any hope for my future. I just could not get a break. Everything I tried failed. I was lonely and miserable. I could see family members succeeding but time seemed to stand still for me. I would start something new every month but never follow through. As time goes by, I lost the energy to even try. Merle is an extraordinary life coach, she challenged me to reach my full potential. I was at the lowest part of my life, but she helped me to gain clarity and control. I am now the happiest I have ever been. I now love my life and I am living bold and confident. How can I thank you Merle? I guess just putting what you have taught me into practise consistently. As you always say, my success in life is a testimonial to your great leadership, patience and coaching style. If you find yourself stuck doing the same thing over and over and not getting the result you need, stop, give Merle a call. She will break you down with love and build you back up with confidence.
I have struggled with reaching my goals for years. Everything I tried failed. It was scary making the leap from being employed to starting my own business, but Merle was with me every step of the way. Although she was not there physically, she was just a phone call away. There are many benefits to be coached by Merle. One such benefit is that she offers a 24 hours service so I have access to her if I find myself in a sticky situation anytime. She approaches all your calls with patience and calm. After the second session with her, I was able to come off my sleeping pills. I was introduced to mediation and breathing exercises which kept me calm and relaxed. I was so happy when my confidence level started to increase. I will always remember Merle saying to me, "There is no such thing as failure, it is just practice leading up to success." She has helped me to breakdown many barriers of limiting beliefs and reprogram my mind-set. If you suffer from lack of confidence, you don't have to suffer much longer. Allow me to introduce you to Merle Wilson- the Confidence Coach that produces results all the time
Working with Merle was a great experience. She has given me helpful tips and techniques for speaking up and contributing in various meetings. She has also helped me to understand where my limited beliefs came from, how to change my mind-set and how to silent my inter voice. Now I feel more confident than any other time in my life. She is an open minded, non-judgemental person who you would always feel at ease and comfortable when around her. I went from relationship to relationship with no direction. I just couldn't figure out why everyone left me. I have enormous respect for Merle, her commitment and passion for her work. I am excited that she contributed so much to my life. Empathy and integrity spring to mind when I think about Merle. She has an intuitive, charismatic and genuine passion to help others.
I just want to say, "Thank you Merle Wilson for your guidance over the last couple of months. Wow! You are someone who truly knows your stuff and you have never given up on me and my business. You have helped change my mind set and rocketed my confidence." Anyone who lacks confidence and direction, I would strongly recommended this person.

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