Self-esteem is one of the reasons people usually point out to blame whenever they are observed to have an unpleasant behaviour or characteristics. True, self-esteem does affect a person’s behaviour, but one could not simply assume that it is because of too much confidence in him or herself or lack thereof. Here are some myths which confidence is often blamed for regardless of whether they are actually true or not.

Putting Themselves Second is a Sign of Low Self Esteem

Most people hide their anxiety and low confidence by giving everything that they have to their family and friends regardless of what will be left to them later on. This myth is true. In fact, researches reveal that people with low self-esteem tend to turn their attention and offer everything to their family and friends in an attempt to feel better and receive the feeling of being loved and needed. This could be avoided by trying to learn how to love your own self.

You should learn how to give and share but at the same time leave something for you to appreciate on your own. Always keep in mind that working hard and giving away with nothing in return is meaningless if you would not be able to feel all the fruits of your efforts toward success.

Some believe that people resort to doing bad things in order to cover the lack of confidence they feel for themselves. They tend to put the blame on others and let bullying become their outlet to channel out all of the pent up frustrations they are feeling.

Apparently, this myth is false. In fact, a research showed that people with low self-esteem tend to treat and think badly of themselves rather than be cruel to others. In a 1980 follow up research on school drives to raise self-esteem in an effort to stop bullying, results show that low self-esteem do not cause bullying cases.

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