For most people it is very difficult to define what is progress. Some would define it by indicators such as income or increased education, some may not. Can the nature of progress be characterised?In general we measure or think of progress, as an upward movement where things gets better.

Progress within humans is a more complicated process. Sometimes we are fooled by what appears to be progress over a short term and can end up being destructive over the longer term. Progress cannot consist of a simple forwards movement because each time we introduce new capacities or resources, we also introduce new threats. If a definition was to be attached to progress then it could be any learning or action on our path that takes us in the direction of removing or reducing threats and missed opportunities and strengthen our capacity to deal with them.

We at times discover that we are in a particular stage of our lives and there are times when we feel as if we are stuck in a rut. These are the times that we believe there is no progress being made, however no matter how little the progress that is made it should make us feel happier and by extension make us healthier. Whenever there is a change in trend or a change is deemed not to be good we consider it not to be progress, on the other hand when there are changes in our ways and the world around us in a good way it is accepted to be progress.

In order to progress in life there are some critical things that have to be examined and decisions that must be made. First of all you will have to determine why you want to move forward. There are a number of things, which may influence you to move forward which could include, your present situation has gotten stale or you had not chosen it in the first place. During the process of progressing you should constantly be reflecting on yourself. Many things will begin to happen once you are on the road of progress. These include new adventures and you may find yourself outside of your comfort zone. It is here that events and feelings that you have never before experience becomes a part of your new life. There may be set backs, these should be accepted and should never hamper your progress. There may be a period that you really make an assessment of your present position.

It is essential for you to celebrate your successes. This gives you the confidence to go forward and the energy to continue on the road of progress. Once you have progressed to where you want to reach for that phase of your life take the time out to enjoy it. It may be tempting for you to move on to another goal or progress further. It is a wise thing to enjoy what you have achieved so far. Think back on your journey so far, the successes the set backs and how you over came them. Consider yourself to be an awesome person


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