It is your thoughts and words that have that biggest impact on your confidence and life in general. For example, if you think that everything around you is terrible and then say that you do not have hope, then it is likely that you will have very low confidence along with poor life outcomes. Read on below and learn how the power of what you think and say affects your self-esteem.


Your Thoughts and Words Create your Reality


What you think you become as well as what you say can create and become your reality. Whether your thoughts or words lead positively or negatively, your mind and body along with the environment also follows. This means that if an individual uses positive language regarding himself or herself, then they can improve their self-confidence immensely and be able to achieve their goals, acquire new skills and generally conquer their challenges. Likewise, if you continually think or say things that fuel pessimism, nurture anxiety, echo hopelessness or affirm incompetence, then that will also transform your reality.


That is why it is very crucial to be deliberate about your thoughts and words that you use since they have power to expand and empower you or devalue and deflate you. Simply put, what you think and repeat it often to yourself this has the capacity to build or break you. The best thing about this is that even if you have poor self-esteem at the moment, you still have the power inside you to change your life for the better.


How to Regain Your Confidence


  1. Express Commitment


You should try using words that relate to both optimism and commitment. Rather than saying “I will try,” just say, “I will do it.” Committing to action with confidence and an enthusiastic spirit totally transforms the energy that you bring to any challenge. It also helps to rally your team in better ways than wishful thinking ever will.


  1. Reframe Your Goals


If you have always focused on negative factors of your current situation, like what you cannot do or what you do not want, then it just amplifies those things in reality. The solution is to refocus the power of your thoughts and words into more positive thoughts. This will not only improve your confidence, but it will ensure that you take positive actions in your life.


  1. Avoid absolutes


Avoid using words like impossible, never and always since they have the power of being disempowering and dangerous. When you think that a task is impossible, then it is likely you will not find any way to accomplish it. Have positive thoughts and look at challenges as a way to learn and build confidence rather than impossibilities.



Finally, you must realise that changing your thoughts and words will take time. However, with constant practice you can capitalise on the power of your mind and gain confidence in your life.

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