I endeavor to leave a positive impact wherever I go. As a result, others look forward to my visits and the good effects roll over to me, too! In the mornings, I help my family get started in a good mood. I prepare clothes the night before and keep bags by the door to avoid a stressful and panicky morning rush.

At work, I encourage a peaceful, productive environment. I avoid participating in gossip and office politics, and my co-workers feel confident around me. I am sure to give sincere compliments to others for a job well done. My clients enjoy doing business with me because I give great service and go out of my way to give them a good experience. I show them appreciation for their business.

At the supermarket, I am patient with a mother counting out change for her baby’s formula. I give generously to charity. I open doors for others and give them a warm smile. I make it a point to say, “Thank you,” and I make my discussions encouraging and optimistic.

In these small ways, I know that I make a positive difference to some one life. In the evenings, my family has dinner together and we share our day with each other. We use the meal as a time to catch up, share our plans for the future, and show our support for each family member.

Today, I plan to step up my positive impact efforts and help a stranger in need.

Self-Reflection Questions: 1. What kind of effect do I have on others?

2. Do other people seem genuinely happy to see me?

3. How can I increase my positive effect on others in my daily routines?

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