Mindfulness in a positive way encompasses awareness of the present state, by mental achievement by focusing. During this process it will include calmly accepting and acknowledging one’s feelings and thoughts. We all naturally have mindfulness and it is readily accessible to us if on a daily basis we endeavor to indulge in its practice. If there is a conscious awareness to your daily life and its experiences through your senses or your state of mind, which includes your thoughts and emotions, then it can be considered that you are being mindful.

You should always strive to be positive in mind so that there isn’t a disconnect between your mind and your body. This will result in obsessive thoughts about recent events or being concerned about what the future holds, which in turn can lead to anxiousness and bring on unwanted stress.

Mindfulness is familiar to us and as such it cannot be classified as being foreign. Mindfulness invariably is what we are and what we do, it therefore takes many shapes and by extension many forms. In mindfulness there is no requirement to change who we are as it is not a special thing for us to do, as we already possess its presence. We have the capacity to cultivate qualities that are innate. Which will enable us to positively interact with those around us such as our families, neighbours, and coworkers.

Mindfulness therefore brings into our lives awareness and caring in the things we do on a daily basis. A spin off this is it reduces stress and makes our lives that much happier.

Mindfulness can generate innovation in us as we deal with the myriad of problems occurring in our daily lives. Mindfulness under such circumstances leads us to innovative solutions to complexities that would otherwise seem impossible to comprehend and overcome. Mindfulness will invariable improve your physical health amongst other things by removing stress, lower blood pressure, and improve your sleep.

Mindfulness also plays an important part in your mental state of mind. It will help with depression, anxiety disorders, and conflicts between friends and loved ones. At the top of mindfulness is your ability to be aware of whatever is happening in your life at each step of the way. It is important to always be kind and forgiving to yourself.

A critical component of mindfulness is the ability to redirect. If your mind wanders off into criticism or day dreaming, note where it is taking you and redirect it to the present. Everyone should practice mindfulness; it should not matter whether you are young or old. It does not matter your station in life. It matters not of your physical state or your religious beliefs.

There should be no fear in the wandering mind; after all it is a part of human nature. In the final analysis it will provide the moment for that essential peace of mindfulness. Don’t let your life pass you by be mindful and live in the present and not dwell on the past.



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