Time is a very important aspect of one’s life, but do we employ much of our precious time in thinking about how to manage it most productively and aptly? Probably no would be the answer. Sometimes you find yourself toiling hard the whole day on a single important task but ending up leaving it unfinished to your agony. Or sometimes it may happen that you finish that particular task in sheer haste which otherwise required great deal of attention. This primarily happens because of the lack of time management skills. It depends mainly on a few thumb rules.

• The 15minute rule

Break the entire day’s schedule into 15minutes blocks. It will simplify the accomplishment of your target as you set for yourself time based targets of 15minutes. This will not only enhance your time management skills but also increase your work efficiency.

• Eradicate Distraction

Getting rid of distracting things is as important as the work itself. Suppose you are into something very serious, fully engrossed into your world of work suddenly the phone rings and all your concentration goes for a toss! This is a single example of distraction there are a many such time-hindering things you have to get rid of, like gossiping while working, social networking while working over the computer etc.

• To-Do-List

There is another very important aspect of time management which needs to be very seriously taken care of. You should create a list of things which you think should be done for the day and allot time for each. Your entertainment times should also be included in this very important list.

• Being before Time

If you think you always use to get late for everything, be it for your office or be it for any other important appointment, give a second thought before blaming the traffic congestion or the fussy cabbie who you came across while traveling. Perhaps leaving your place 15-30minutes earlier can solve these problems to a great extent.

• Fixing Priority

Sometimes it seems really difficult to prioritize your work but it is equally essential. If you have a lot of tasks up your sleeve and each need to be completed in a span of 24hours the thing which you need to emphasize on is which task need to be done at first. This assists you in relaxing your pressure.

• The Way You Work

Taking up to much pressure holds an absolute and strict no-no if you want to finish your relevant work quickly and accurately. Pressure usually confuses you which eventually slow you down. So before initiating that very important project of yours put aside the pressure so that you can make it just perfect.
All the above points are a few to mention as far as the improvement of your time management skills are concerned. The other factors include your peace of mind, working ambiance etc.
So first of all allot sometime for the relaxation of your mind also. It eventually enriches you with fullest satisfaction.

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