What I fear you may not and vice versa. If you live a life lingering in thoughts that holds back from your potential, you run the risk of living a life entangled in fear and frozen in inaction.

If however, you are fearless in your advancements, you will without hesitation manifest your powers. You will be competent and proficient in your ways, and you will find that it will be easier to pass through entanglement and barriers without any hindrance to both time and season.

Fear arises when you cultivate a doubt, ask yourself what this is all about. Fear inevitably is not concerned with right now, fear is essentially something that has to do with the future, but the future does not exist. The future has not happened yet, and the past does not exist it has already happened.

How you deal with the now will determine how you deal with fear and it will make a huge difference to your life. Invariable we conceive all kinds of rationalisations for our fear, but they don’t seem to help. We define it, categorize it, analyse it, judge it, and understand it, however still fear continues to exist.

Out of ignorance it is said that we fear what we should not fear, and we are not afraid of what we should be afraid of. So, if you have something to be done put the fear aside and get on with it.

I too have encountered fear at some time in my life, but as previously stated it is how you look at fear that will determine how you handle it. As Jack Canfield, say everything you want is on the other side of fear. Being brave is not the absence of fear, it is having the fear and navigate through it. What is holding us back from achieving is fear and fear is the enemy.

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