Domestic Abusers Do Not Change


Domestic abuse is something, which is likely to have a lifelong effect on the victim. The truth is that domestic abusers rarely change and as such their victim are exposed to their harmful influence and behaviour throughout a significant period of time which is usually enough to cause irreversible psychological and in certain situations physical damages. This is something that needs to be taken into account, as it is a tremendously important thing to consider.


With this in mind, it’s important to address some of the effects which domestic abuse has on victims. As we mentioned, the impact is regularly psychological, but it could also have certain physical signs. This is something that has to be accounted for. Let’s have a look at the harmful impacts of domestic abuse.


Increased Aggression


Domestic abuse is the result of unmet expectations and unrealised potential when it comes to it. This escalates to irritability, which can’t be handled, and it results in abuse. Whether it’s physical or verbal, the victims experience significant long-term effects afterwards. Increased aggression is something common when it comes to it. This is mainly due to the feeling of powerlessness and the desire to express it in certain ways. That’s why children who have been subjected to verbal or physical violence at home are likely to be a lot more aggressive.


Antisocial Behaviour


This is another particularly common result and long-term effect of domestic abuse. The thing is that being constantly abused upon is going to lead to something, which is definitely out of social conventions. Antisocial behaviour is particularly characteristic in children who have been abused at home.


Depression or Anxiety


This is usually the effect of the entire chain set forth by domestic abuse. Not only is the kid suffering at home but he or she is also the witness of the way things could be in other kids. This is one of the most dangerous symptoms and conditions, which could be triggered by this type of abuse, and it will usually culminate in both depression as well as anxiety. This could easily cause irreparable damages, and it needs to be addressed as soon as it’s possible.


Of course, there are also quite a lot of other symptoms, which come with domestic abuse and are commonly observed in a lot of victims. For instance, kids who have troubles at home are usually doing poorly in school just because of those difficulties. In any case, it’s safe to say that this is one of the most dangerous conditions that you could fall in. Regardless of whether it’s a matter of periodic or regular abuse, this is something, which could cause irreparable damages to a kid. This is even truer if the abuse starts at an age when the kid is young and vulnerable. These are symptoms, which need to be accounted for and to be carefully looked for as they might suggest something tremendously serious.


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