It starts when women are little girls. They are taught that they are pretty, but being smart, strong or unique is not mentioned. According to The Huffington Post1, there are five things to do in raising a little girl that will help her grow up to be a confident woman.

1. Back her up.
2. Listen to her more than you speak.
3. Encourage passion.
4. Let her cry.
5. Tell her you are proud of her.

There are other influences as well in everyday life. For instance, when a little girl shows leadership skills with her friends, she is called bossy. But a little boy will be praised for the same action. Then little girls grow up and become women who lack that most important asset: confidence.

Facts: Some Are Not So Fun.

• More women than men lack self confidence.2
• Confidence is more important than competence.3
• Confidence breeds success and it can be taught.4
• According to Forbes, more organizations with a higher percentage of women in leadership roles are more financially successful.5

Lack of confidence permeates every area of life from business advancement, relationships, creativity and goals, both personal and spiritual. Organizations failing to promote women into leadership roles, will not reach the full extent of financial growth they might otherwise have had. Women who lack confidence may act in such a way that undermines their own advancement at work. It is costly for both women who lack confidence and organizations that have not made accommodation for an outside mentor/training program in their budget.

To do so would be a win-win.



Assets a Confident Woman Brings to an Organization
A confident woman will listen more than she speaks. She will trust her intuition and instincts rather than be swayed. She brings resources and is not intimidated by sharing information. A confident woman brings passion rather than emotions. She is a multi-tasker, not shaken by a busy agenda. She brings cooperation versus domination. She can listen to the other side and bring fairness to the outcome.

Confidence is a Skill to be Learned
Organizations that are forward looking, contract confidence trainings by professional coaching services. This can be in the form of teleseminars, teleconference calls, webinars, on site groups or individualized person-to-person sessions. The timeframe can be from weeks to months, providing the time required to learn to be confident along with confidence building skills such as: public speaking, learning how to negotiate, marketing yourself, leadership training, project management and other skills necessary to become an inspiring leader or manager.

For women today who did not receive an upbringing that included a vision of self-confidence to carry her through the rest of her life, it is not too late. For organizations that have not, as yet, incorporated confidence training for women into their budget, there is still time to do so.

Confidence is a skill that can be learned and the massive rewards are staggering.

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. ~Vincent Van Gogh

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