Avoid the Roadblocks of Anger & Regret

What you do is seen by the outside world as your achievement. On a personal level, people think more about what they didn’t do. Every person has hopes, dreams and aspirations and not all of them come to pass. Have you felt angry and/or regretful recently? In all likelihood you have. It is human nature to feel anger and regret when life doesn’t go your way. You do things that shape up your life but not everything goes according to plan. At the end of the day you realize that you have made…Read more

3 Powerful Confidence Building Habits

Confidence. Everyone needs it, but not everyone has it. In the world of business, confidence is similar to the elixir of life and without it you will be unsuccessful in achieving your goals. But how can you achieve the level of self esteem you need to pursue your dreams, build a fruitful business, and explore new opportunities? Let’s explore 3 powerful confidence building habits that you can cultivate to grow your business skills. H1: Use Power Stances to build Confidence Power stances are the most underutilized methods for an instance confidence boost. Power…Read more