Working on Yourself

Working on Yourself
A confident individual is someone who is aware of his/her abilities and attempts to utilize these abilities to the fullest. This enables the person to achieve success during tough and defying situations. To be a confident person, you will have to be aware of all the positive traits that you possess. But many people will be doubtful when asked about their best qualities. Identifying your positive qualities and treating yourself well will go a long way in helping you become self-confident. Along with identifying your best traits, you should work hard on developing…Read more

Making Confidence Your Way of Life

Confidence is one of the key skills that you can acquire in your life, it can affect the way you view and treat others and the way others view and treat you. Some people are naturally more confident than others, but confidence is a skill you can learn. In general, people are at their most confident when they are at their most comfortable or when they are doing something that they feel they are good at, for example being around friends and family or driving a car. However, when people are taken out…Read more

Confidence: The Necessary Component for Women and Organizations to Succeed

It starts when women are little girls. They are taught that they are pretty, but being smart, strong or unique is not mentioned. According to The Huffington Post1, there are five things to do in raising a little girl that will help her grow up to be a confident woman. 1. Back her up. 2. Listen to her more than you speak. 3. Encourage passion. 4. Let her cry. 5. Tell her you are proud of her. There are other influences as well in everyday life. For instance, when a little girl shows…Read more