A lot of people who are married always have some problems dealing with their in-laws for one reason or the other. They have the ability to undermine you and make you lose your self-confidence especially if they do not exactly like you, which is why you need to device means and ways to ensure that this changes. Christmas is fast approaching and for most, avoiding an encounter with the in-laws is next to impossible which is why you need to work on boosting your self-confidence as soon as possible. It is important to note that to elevate your self-confidence does not mean being rude and disrespectful, it simply means being able to effectively expressing yourself without not having to look over your shoulder every other minute.


Don’t Take Things Personally


One thing that is set to make you mad and perhaps lose your confidence is if you take every little thing personally. Avoid doing this Christmas and instead look at everything from a general point of view. This will avoid any tempers rising and hence with your in-law, which will help you a lot to get your confidence, back since you will be in a calm and collected state to think and act rationally.


Do Not Take Sides


Most people always feel inclined to take sides whenever there is an argument with your in- law or when it naturally feels right to do so. This is absolutely wrong as it may end up sitting badly with some of the members of the family who may take the opportunity to bully you. Always aim to have a level head in everything that you do as it will go a long way in ensuring that you do not spark off any ill feelings which may work against you.


Don’t Always Seek Validation from Your Spouse


This is the number one mistake that most people do when they are dealing with their in-laws. Seeking justification or support, especially when it is against what your in-laws want will always work against your confidence since they will mostly want to stay out of it or go with the opinion of their family. However, always aim to be you own fan and to fight your own battles alone. This will help elevate your self-confidence, and you will end up thanking yourself for that one day.


Pick Your Battles


There is always bound to be an argument on one issue or the other if the in-laws don’t like you. However, it is not wise to engage in all of them, which is why you’re advised to not always engage the other party. Pick your battles wisely, and this will help you understand how to win in most occasions hence boosting your confidence.


Self-confidence is an important weapon against a hateful in-law. However, you should make sure that the line between being rude and confident is carefully defined this Christmas so that you may enjoy your holidays.

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