Finding Your Path

Everyone is on a journey; that’s what life is. From the cradle to the grave, we’re travelling, each of us, on and on, always searching for what is right for us, always moving. Sometimes we surge forwards. Sometimes we fall backwards. Sometimes we’re distracted by other people, places, things, and we slide sideways. But as long as we’re still moving, we’re still living. We’re still experiencing everything that life has, good or bad, fulfilling or not. We do it without even knowing we’re moving. We have an internal life map that leads us…Read more

How To Improve Your Time Management Skills and Free Up Your Time To Enjoy Life

Time is a very important aspect of one's life, but do we employ much of our precious time in thinking about how to manage it most productively and aptly? Probably no would be the answer. Sometimes you find yourself toiling hard the whole day on a single important task but ending up leaving it unfinished to your agony. Or sometimes it may happen that you finish that particular task in sheer haste which otherwise required great deal of attention. This primarily happens because of the lack of time management skills. It depends mainly…Read more

Will You ‘Put Me Under’ Using NLP

Most of us here in the UK are familiar with the TV entertainers Paul McKenna and Derren Brown who use a mixture of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis to achieve their desired results – and very successfully too. They’re very amusing and, at times, fascinating to watch – which of course makes great viewing. But that’s not what the use of NLP in Life Coaching is about. For a start there won’t be any audience watching how you progress - or even stumble - along the way. But I will be there…Read more