Confidence. Everyone needs it, but not everyone has it. In the world of business, confidence is similar to the elixir of life and without it you will be unsuccessful in achieving your goals. But how can you achieve the level of self esteem you need to pursue your dreams, build a fruitful business, and explore new opportunities? Let’s explore 3 powerful confidence building habits that you can cultivate to grow your business skills.

H1: Use Power Stances to build Confidence
Power stances are the most underutilized methods for an instance confidence boost. Power stances use body language to trick your brain into feeling more confident. The following are 3 stances you can position yourself in before heading to an important meeting, going to an interview, or leading your team in a pep rally.
• Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Stretch your arms high above your body in a “V” formation. Take this stance before an important meeting or an interview to up your self confidence, this position increases levels of testosterone in the body.
• Standing up, place your hands on your hips like Superman. This is great for increasing self esteem before talking to your boss or client.
• Convey power by looming over your desk slightly bent, with your hands placed firmly on the surface.

H2: Transform Your Inner Dialogue
How you speak to yourself impacts how you feel about your abilities. You can easily increase your self confidence by eliminating negative self-talk and replacing it with power statements, even if you don’t believe in them immediately.

H3: Manage Your Self Confidence
It’s easy to blame external situations for your lack of confidence, but when you take the power back and learn to manage your self confidence you will see a dramatic change. Start by exercising, eating right, and meditating.
If you need further assistance in building your self esteem or in increasing your confidence, then feel free to contact me. My confidence coaching has helped hundreds of women become more powerful both professionally and in their personal lives.

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