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Why I work on confidence

Many persons told Merle she could not achieve anything in life. Despite the negative talk and broken dreams, a mentor helped her rebuilt her confidence. Thereafter, she was able to gain a qualification in Finance and pursue a career at Talk Sport Radio for many years. Not wanting to rest with only a few accomplishments, Merle sought a role in higher education and gained qualifications in Personal and Business Coaching and NLP.


Why work with Merle?

Merleā€™s coaching style is very personal. She reassures her clients that she is there for them- not only during her sessions but throughout the process of getting them to the level they need to be.

Being coached by Merle is highly beneficial and will result in:

  • Reduced stress and taking charge of your life.
  • Getting clarity of the core issues behind your problems.
  • Getting effective techniques on how to change/modify negative mental blocks.
  • Improving mental balance, performance, productivity and growth.
  • Step by step mentoring to get you out of your own way and EMBRACE the life of your DREAMS
  • A supportive accountability system to help you stay ahead of your CHALLENGES and make sure that you ACHIEVE your Goals.


Stories from Merle's Clients

My Story of Transformation

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The Importance Of Being Goal Oriented

  Goal driven or goal oriented means setting targets and objectives that will make progress throughout your life much smoother. A goal driven person will work much harder whenever there are deadlines to be met. To be successful in life there must be the desire to set goals and work towards achieving them. Success is…


  For most people it is very difficult to define what is progress. Some would define it by indicators such as income or increased education, some may not. Can the nature of progress be characterised?In general we measure or think of progress, as an upward movement where things gets better. Progress within humans is a…

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