Understanding Reality: Why Do Most Women Feel Unconfident?

There are moments when one feels bad about herself. This could not be helped especially if there are circumstances that trigger this feeling. What makes this feeling turn from a simple mood swing to such feeling of anxiety and hopelessness however, is when you stuck yourself into feeling terrible because of your low self-esteem and cease being confident in yourself. Once you lose your trust in yourself and doubt your capacity to make proper decisions, everything else practically goes downhill. There are reasons why people, particularly the women, do not feel confident about themselves. Women in particular feel inferior…Read more

Adopt a Positive Attitude!

Having the right attitude at the workplace is imperative. There are no exceptions to this rule. The attitude you have at your workplace counts for a lot. Whether you are an intern or a full-time employee, your attitude has an effect on your performance and success. You can select between a positive and a negative attitude. But, try dealing with workplace stress and pressures with a negative attitude. Can’t be too effective, can it? This is an important point you have to keep in mind. The workplace is a stressful environment. If you…Read more